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Design An Eclectic Kitchen

14 December 2019
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If yo've been to towns like Sedona, Arizona; Blanco, Texas; and Saltillo, Mexico, maybe you fell in love with the great shops that sell unique decorating items. You might have even bought many items that you would some day use in your own home. If that time has come and you are decorating your kitchen in an eclectic way, you must be very excited about what the end result will be. Are you looking for decorating ideas? If you are, here are some that might help you.

One good thing about decorating in an eclectic way is that you can often do your project without spending a huge amount of money. For instance, consider purchasing wholesale cabinets. Not only will you find great prices, but you'll also discover that there are so many different styles that you might have trouble choosing the cabinets for your kitchen. Decide before you shop whether you want a subtle color like white or off-white for your kitchen cabinets or whether you want a bold color like brick red. Either choice can fit in nicely with the eclectic look you want.

Of course, your focus is probably on the appearance of the cabinets you select. However, there is also the practical side of your choice. Think of what you want on the inside of the cabinets.

  • Do you want vertical space for things like muffin tins and cookie sheets?
  • Do you want a Lazy Susan design so that it will be easy for you to reach items like small bottles of spices?
  • Do you want pull-out drawers that will simplify your life?
  • Do you want extra-large spaces in the kitchen cabinets that will hold things like crockpots or huge pots for making stews? 

The personal touches you choose for the wholesale cabinets you end up buying are what will give the cabinets an eclectic feeling. For instance, hand-painted ceramic knobs, brass knobs with a braided design, and knobs with animals or flowers as their design will all be unique touches. 

The furniture you select for your kitchen will also play a large part in establishing an eclectic theme. For instance, think of painting unfinished wooden furniture in a shabby chic design. Or, buy mismatched chairs that will go with a metal table or a glass-topped wrought iron patio table. Buy a display shelf where you can show off the items you have purchased as you have traveled to the towns and cities you want to remember.