Turn Your Bathroom Into A Romantic Getaway With These Projects

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Turn Your Bathroom Into A Romantic Getaway With These Projects

30 November 2016
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If you and your spouse are always looking for new ways to enjoy a romantic evening together, think about hiring a contractor to remodel a key area of your home. There are many choices, but you might wish to start with the bathroom. The right remodeling projects in this space can turn a simple bathroom into a romantic oasis in which you and your spouse can share some special time together — and, if you have children, be able to get a high degree of privacy, thanks to the lock on the bathroom door. Here are some ideal bathroom remodeling projects that can increase your bathroom's romance factor.

Addition Of A Second Showerhead

It can be fun for couples to take showers together, but the average shower's layout isn't necessarily conducive to this activity. Generally, one person will have to stand outside the flow of water, which can be uncomfortable for him or her. You can quickly solve this problem by hiring a remodeling contractor to add a second showerhead. If you have a rectangular shower with a showerhead at one end, the contractor can place one at the opposite end. This way, you'll both be standing comfortably in the water while you enjoy your shower together.

Installation Of A Light Dimmer

Turning the lights down low is often seen as a romantic gesture, but you won't get this environment in the bright glare of your bathroom. A bathroom is often one of the best-lit rooms in your home, given the number of bulbs in a small space, but your contractor can quickly fix this issue by installing a dimmer switch to control the lights. This way, you can turn the lights down to a romantic level when you're enjoying time with your loved one — and still be able to turn the lights up high when you're searching for nose hairs in the mirror with a pair of tweezers.

Addition Of A Window

If your bathroom doesn't have a window and is on an outside wall of your home, your remodeling contractor can fix this issue. It can certainly be romantic to enjoy a warm bath with your spouse in the evening while fresh air blows into the room. You can decide on the size, style, and location of the window with your contractor. This addition does more than just add to the ambiance of the space. It can also be helpful for getting rid of humidity that might lead to mildew after a hot shower.