Custom Cabinet Ideas To Add A Personal Touch To Your Interior Of Your New Home

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Custom Cabinet Ideas To Add A Personal Touch To Your Interior Of Your New Home

10 March 2017
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When you are building a new home or remodeling your current one, one of the benefits is being able to choose all the finishing details. Cabinets are a great place to add personal customizations to meet your needs and your design tastes. Organization, design, and appearance are all important things to consider when having cabinets installed in a new home. Here are some unique customization ideas to consider for the cabinets in your custom home:

1. Give Your Home a Contemporary Industrial Design With Open Space

The use of industrial designs can be good if you are reusing vacant industrial space. For an open space, minimize the amount of cabinets you put at head-height or higher. Instead use floor cabinets, which can be custom-built, industrial style cabinets. If you need space where hanging cabinets would normally be, consider using materials like wood timbers for shelving. Talk with your custom cabinet service about doing custom shelving systems with reclaimed timber for a more authentic look. Consider using other industrial materials like garage doors for more of an industrial look.

2. An Elegant Touch with Custom Wood Cabinets, Trim, and Woodworking Features

Wood cabinets are another great way to give your interior renovations more of a personalized look. The woodworking features can be added with things like trim. You may even want to consider covering vent-hoods with decorative wood paneling for more of an attractive look. A custom cabinet service can build a façade for the vent hood in your kitchen that will give your kitchen a warm, wood look.

3. Modern Cabinets with Clean Lines and Clean Surfaces for A Contemporary Look

If you want more of a contemporary look, there are many cabinet options with clean lines and fewer details. For a custom look, consider talking with the cabinet installer about making plain custom wood doors for your cabinets, which can have hidden notches instead of conventional handles on them. If you are looking for an affordable option for your cabinets, premade units can be installed for a modern look. Talk with a cabinet service about designing the cabinets and having a cabinet manufacturer build the units for the exact measurements of your kitchen.

Choosing the right designs for cabinets in your new home will give it the personal touch that you are looking for. Contact a contractor from a company like Olson Cabinets & Woodworking Inc, and talk with them about some of these unique ideas for the design of your home.