Remodeling A Basement: 5 Ideas For Your Ceiling

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Remodeling A Basement: 5 Ideas For Your Ceiling

24 March 2017
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Refinishing a basement is a very big job. You have to waterproof it, install insulation, frame in the walls, and decide what exactly you want to do with the space. Not to mention figuring out how you want to finish off the ceiling to hide exposed beams, wiring, plumbing, and duct work. See below for ideas to help you finish the ceiling.

1. Exposed Ceiling

Keep the ceiling exposed, but blend it in together by painting the beams, joists, and everything else one single color. Darker colors work best such as dark gray, brown or even black, although you can paint them white if you prefer to add light. You can hide wires by attaching them to the floor joists to keep them up and out of sight. Be sure to use paint that covers metal to cover exposed duct work (Rustoleum is a good brand). This is a lot of work to paint an entire exposed ceiling. It's a lot of painting with a paintbrush, so if you have a full basement, covering it up may be a better option.

2. Bead Board

Bead board is a great option, as it's relatively cheap and can easily be installed by nailing or screwing directly to the floor joists above. Bead board can be white or brown (to mimic oak), although the white helps add height to your ceiling, which is good if you have low basement ceilings. Bead board can be cut easily to get around beams, lighting, or other obstacles.

3. Drop Ceiling

The idea of drop ceilings probably reminds you of older style basements, but drop ceilings come in a number of different styles these days. Head to your local hardware store to take a look at the different options available. It may help you change your mind on this type of ceiling. The coffer style ceiling tiles are very nice and look a lot more up to date.

4. Reclaimed Wood

Use old barn wood or reclaimed wood such as pallets to decorate the ceiling. Attach the pieces directly to the floor joists to give your basement a rustic look. This can be an inexpensive alternative, especially if you have access to a lot of reclaimed wood. Attach the pieces to form a pattern such as herringbone, small squares or any way you prefer to add dimension and texture.

5. Drywall

This option may be one of the more expensive ways to remodel your basement, although it's the most traditional. It gives the basement a warmer feel and gives it a clean look. If you aren't too keen on drywalling your basement ceiling yourself, leave this job to the professionals so it is done properly without sagging, nail pops, or peeling drywall tape.

Remodeling a basement can be quite a job. Leave the work to a professional remodeling company such as Kindelin Builders Inc. to ensure the job is done properly. Talk to your contractor about other ideas for your basement ceiling.