Tips For Bathroom Renovations Without Costly Remodeling Projects

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Tips For Bathroom Renovations Without Costly Remodeling Projects

4 May 2017
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Bathroom remodeling projects may be costly, and sometimes they are not needed. If your bathroom is in good condition and you do not want to do any major changes, simple renovations are an affordable solution to improve your home. You may want to consider options like adding shower glass or refinishing tubs and sinks. Here are some of the affordable bathroom renovation projects to consider for your home:

1. Giving Bathrooms A New Look By Replacing Vanities

Vanities are the cabinets in bathrooms that hold sinks, and over the years they can wear and become damaged. There are many benefits to replacing the vanity in your bathroom, such as using a smaller cabinet that gives your bathroom more space. When you replace the vanity, you will also want to install a new sink and faucet, which can also help to save energy in your bathroom. Replacing your bathroom vanity is also a good way to change the look of your house without major remodeling, since you are only replacing one cabinet, and maybe the bathroom sink.

2. Updating Plumbing Fixtures for a Renewed Look and Efficiency

The bathroom sink is just one of the plumbing fixtures that you may want to consider replace when doing renovations.  Shower heads and bathtub fixtures can also be replaced with new products that use less water and help to conserve energy. If you are refinishing an old bathtub, you even have the option of using fixtures with an antique look but modern functionality.

3. Give Worn Enamel New Life by Refinishing Their Surfaces

Worn enamel finishes are unsightly in a bathroom that you want to renovate. Sometimes, antique bathtubs are worth saving and make an attractive addition to bathroom renovations. If you want to save the enamel surfaces in your bathroom, there are bathtub refinishing services that will be able to help you with these improvements. You may want to consider refinishing surfaces on sinks, bathtubs and even tiles with enamel finishes. Refinishing surfaces is something that can be done to give life to old bathroom fixtures without the need for remodeling that includes demolition. The refinishing can be done in a day, so you will not lose your bathroom while renovations are being done.

With all the affordable options to renovate your bathroom, giving your home a makeover without costly remodeling is possible. If your bathroom only needs minor improvements, contact a bathtub refinishing service like Tub Solutions Inc to renew tubs and other enamel services that have worn over the years.