Preparing For A Kitchen Remodel? 3 Ways To Keep Your Routine When You Have Kids

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Preparing For A Kitchen Remodel? 3 Ways To Keep Your Routine When You Have Kids

9 May 2017
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You can't help but be excited about your new kitchen since a remodel makes everything feel brand new. However, preparing for kitchen remodeling takes a little extra work when you have kids that will be affected by the process. As you get ready to watch your new cooking area come together, use these tips to make sure that your remodeling project does not interfere with your family's daily routine.

Communicate With Your Remodeling Company

Home remodeling professionals are great at minimizing disruptions for families, yet there may be some parts of the project that are unavoidable and will interfere with your typical activities. For instance, the water may need to be temporarily shut off while the plumbing fixtures are installed. Ask your remodeling professionals to give you a heads up when these types of activities must be done so that you can prepare accordingly. For example, you might have your kids use the bathroom before the water is interrupted.

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

Major kitchen remodels sometimes mean that your cooking space will be temporarily out of service, which poses a few challenges for feeding your kids. Consider setting up a temporary kitchen in another room that is free from the remodeling activities. A microwave, slow cooker or hot pad each provides a way to continue cooking simple meals for your kid's lunch. You might also stock up on disposable plates and silverware so that you can minimize how much time you spend in your kitchen until it is done.

Plan Activities For Busy Working Times

Kids sometimes feel restricted when they cannot access certain parts of the house, or your kids may be bothered by loud noises such as drilling and hammering. If you have small children in the house or expect work to be done when the older kids are out of school, plan activities to keep them distracted. For example, you could play a game with the kids in a quiet room in your house, or you can use this time to explore your community. A trip to the museum, movie theater or local park all give your kids a break from the remodeling noise.

Although you are looking forward to a beautiful kitchen, it is common to be dreading the actual remodeling process when you have kids to take care of during the day. By knowing how to work with your contractors to identify potential disruptions to your routine and planning ways to overcome them, you can seamlessly care for your kids while knowing that your kitchen project is successfully underway.

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