Four Tips To Transform Your Small Bathroom Into A Functional Space

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Four Tips To Transform Your Small Bathroom Into A Functional Space

11 May 2017
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Small bathrooms may seem almost impossible to transform into a space that is functional. Many homeowners with small bathrooms struggle to create storage space while still having enough space to stand and get ready for the day. However, transforming this space into a functional space you will come to love is actually not impossible. Here are four tips to help you create a functional space out of a small bathroom:

  1. Be Practical: When you are choosing design features in the bathroom, you want to be as practical as possible. It probably wouldn't be practical, for example, to expect to be able to install a shower with an attached spa-like bathtub. Instead, to save space, you want to consider a combined shower and bath, or better yet, just an open shower. Having an open shower with a clear glass door will even make the space feel bigger while also saving space. 
  2. Be Creative With Storage: To have better storage in your small bathroom, you want to get creative. The best way to do this is to use floating shelves on the walls. You can even  drill in some deep baskets on the wall to store things, such as extra towels, makeup, and more. Don't add any storage that is going to take up floor space. This is going to allow you to have more standing room in the small bathroom. 
  3. Use Neutral Colors: Bathrooms that have neutral colors are going to feel more open and also relaxing. This will prevent you from feeling enclosed and rushed in your small bathroom space. Neutral colors should be used for everything in the small bathroom, including the colors of the tiles and fixtures, as well as the small things, such as towels, bathmats, and more. 
  4. Keep the Bathroom Mirror Small: The mirror that you use over the sink should not extend over the sink in width. Many homeowners don't think about this, but it's important when dealing with a small bathroom because this is going to help save wall space for storage. Even though mirrors make rooms appear larger, you don't want to compromise by giving up precious wall space. 

When you consider these four tips, you can truly transform your small bathroom into a functional space you will come to love. Now you will no longer feel totally overwhelmed with how small your bathroom is because you will be able to use it just as you would any bathroom space.