Three Things To Consider Before Buying Replacement Windows

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Three Things To Consider Before Buying Replacement Windows

2 February 2018
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When you're shopping for replacement windows for your home, your first priority will likely be to find windows of the correct size, followed by making sure that you like the appearance of the windows. These details, understandably, are important. However, you should also give some thought to a series of other details that can be easy to overlook, but that will be valuable in the months and years ahead. Shopping at a window retailer that offers a wide range of products should enable you to find the right size of window with the right look and all of the right features. Here are three such things to consider.

Locking Mechanism

Not all windows lock, but it's generally a good idea to buy those that do. Focus your search on windows that have a locking mechanism and that are easy to operate. The more windows that you evaluate, you'll begin to get a sense of how some locking mechanisms are easier to operate than others. You want to find a lock that slides or flips with ease and that feels sturdy. An inexpensive window might have an equally inexpensive plastic locking lever, and if this piece were to break in cold temperatures, it would be a significant hassle.

Cleaning Access

If you plan to clean your windows every spring and perhaps at other times, you want the exterior of the glass to be easy to access. The inside of the window will always be easy to reach, and the outside will be fairly accessible if the window is on the ground floor of your home. For second-level windows, however, you might not want to clean the exterior of the window from a ladder. In this case, you'll need to reach the exterior of the window from inside your home, so you need to assess how much the window opens and whether its design can allow you to perform this task.

Ledge Construction

The inner ledge of the windows that you buy should also be something that you notice. Many buyers favor wooden ledges, as they likely match the frame around your window opening and can offer visual appeal. Plastic ledges might not seem to be as desirable, but their big benefit is that they're resistant to water. If you're the type of person who might leave a window open and forget to close it during a rainfall, plastic is likely the way to go — rain continuously sitting on a wooden ledge can cause it to soften.

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