Creating a Rustic Country Kitchen: Three Design Elements to Consider

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Creating a Rustic Country Kitchen: Three Design Elements to Consider

4 June 2018
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If you love the idea of a rustic country kitchen, there are plenty of design elements to choose from that can help you create this look. Use the following ideas as inspiration when you sit down to a consultation with your remodeling contractor. With the right touches, you can create a beautiful rustic design aesthetic for your kitchen.

Barn Wood Cabinets

Barn wood cabinets from a company like Encore Cabinets & Design offer a distinctly rustic look, and they can be built to order to meet your needs. Have your contractor work with you to create a custom cabinet plan for your kitchen, and ask to use reclaimed wood for a sustainable addition to your kitchen. Look for unique design elements to make your cabinets stand out. For example, you can add seed glass windows to the cabinets for a beautiful way to display serving pieces and china, and you can also add oil-rubbed bronze hardware to add a vintage look to your cabinets. Be sure to have a custom kitchen island with cabinets added to your plans to provide additional food prep space for your kitchen.

Stone Hearth

Instead of choosing a tile backsplash for your stove, consider adding a stone hearth instead. You can create a bold focal point by creating a frame for the stove using stone. For this idea, you may need to sacrifice a bit of cabinet space on either side of the stove, but you can make up for that lost space by having your contractor add extra shelving or cabinets elsewhere in the kitchen. Install a range hood above the stove behind the stone facade to provide ventilation for the kitchen, and work with your contractor to find lighting concepts to illuminate the stovetop.

Lantern Pendant Lighting

Choosing the right lighting concept for your rustic kitchen is essential. Your fixtures will add the finishing touch to your room, so consider rustic-inspired designs for your remodel. Lantern-style pendant lighting offers the illumination you need while sticking to your chosen design theme. You can hang smaller lantern pendants over a breakfast bar or dining nook, while large statement pieces do well in the center of the room. The pendants should have oil-rubbed bronze or black finishes to keep with the design aesthetic. Fixtures with Edison-style light bulbs and seed glass shades keep with the rustic theme while also adding a hint of vintage style.

Work with your contractor to find additional ways to bring the rustic theme to your kitchen. You can use barn wood flooring, reclaimed wood ceiling beams, and a host of other design elements to create your dream kitchen.