Three Reasons To Skip The Home Theater In Your Custom Home

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Three Reasons To Skip The Home Theater In Your Custom Home

24 July 2018
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One of the first additions that many people think about when they're designing a custom home is a movie theater. A common fixture in high-end residences, a room in which you can screen your favorite movies, watch sporting events, and host watching parties can certainly be a big appeal. There are people for whom this space is a necessity when they're designing a custom home, but you shouldn't necessarily succumb to this temptation. While you'd likely enjoy having this feature in your home, there are often better ways to use your space and money. Here are three reasons to skip planning a home theater.

You May Not Use It Enough

Busy people don't always have much time to devote to watching TV. You might flip a small TV on in your kitchen while you prepare a meal, or watch a bit of TV in bed before shutting off the lights. If you're not watching a lot of TV now, it's possible that this habit wouldn't change — even with a home theater. It may be a mistake to devote several square feet of your home to a space that you rarely use. You'd be better off working with your custom builder to add other features to the house that you and your family will more frequently enjoy.

The Space is Isolated

For the best results, it's common to have a home theater with sturdy doors that you can close to create a division between this space and the rest of your home. This is highly advantageous for people who are using the theater, but you may feel isolated in this scenario. For example, if you're in the home theater with the door shut, you might wonder what your children are getting up to. Many families simply prefer a large TV in their living room, where they can watch a program or movie while doing other tasks such as playing with their kids, preparing a meal, or even tidying.

It's a Considerable Expense

Unless your heart is completely set on a home theater, you may find that it's better to take the money that you'd spend on this space and invest it in other parts of your home. A home theater isn't a minor expense. Often, there will be sloped flooring with a few steps, which can be an expensive endeavor. You may find that by taking the money you'll save on a home theater and making the house slightly larger, upgrading some of the features, or even enhancing the yard, you'll be happier. Of course, if a home theater is your top priority, custom home builders can make it happen for you. If you're uncertain, however, talk to your builder about some alternative ideas.