Remodeling Your Kitchen As You Get Older

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Remodeling Your Kitchen As You Get Older

25 March 2019
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When you are living in the home where you will remain as you get older, a kitchen remodel to make your kitchen more practical can be a big benefit to you. From a better layout to give you more open space to using flooring that is slip resistant, your kitchen remodel can give you everything you want in a safe kitchen.

Put In a Pullout Pantry

A pullout pantry is an excellent idea for any homeowner but is even more beneficial to a couple that is getting older. With the ability to pull out drawers, it is much easier to see all of the food items that are stored inside. You won't have to shuffle food around, and you won't have to worry about cans falling out onto you. You can use the pantry to store heavier items such as your blender or crock pot that you don't use often.

Pay Attention to Sharp Corners

This is another idea that is great for people of all ages but truly helpful to those who are aging in place. When you don't have too many sharp edges in your kitchen, you are less likely to bump your hip or elbow and get hurt. When you implement round edges instead, you are less likely to sustain an injury while you are cooking.

Make It Easier to Cook

It can be hard work to carry heavy pots of water or sauce across your kitchen from the stove to the sink. Your sink should be as near your stove as possible without completely touching. There should be a small work space in between your sink and stove, just in case you need to put something down. When your sink is close to your stove, you won't have to walk far with a big pot.

Consider Your Flooring

The flooring you use on your kitchen remodel should be slip resistant. If you go with ceramic tile, the tile should have some texture to it to help prevent falls. Don't use throw rugs if you are worried about tripping. A vinyl floor is always a great idea because they are affordable, offer some slip resistance, and provide a softer surface for your feet.

You can be safe in your kitchen for many years to come when you pay attention. Look at your flooring, avoid tripping hazards, and make it easier to find food items with a pullout pantry. Get in touch with a remodeling company such as AWS Remodeling and Design to begin planning your kitchen remodel today.