4 Ways To Change Your Kitchen Cabinets With New Ones

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4 Ways To Change Your Kitchen Cabinets With New Ones

20 August 2019
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When you think about what changes you want to make to your kitchen, you may decide on the cabinets, especially when you know that they are old, worn down, and do not fit your style. However, while you may know that you want to invest in new cabinets for your kitchen, you may not be sure about what kind of changes you should make regarding their style and functionality.

Knowing some of the most impactful ways that you can change your kitchen cabinet setup will give you the confidence that you need to work with professionals to get custom cabinets.

Cabinet Color

A simple and effective way to enjoy cabinets that look different than what you have is by picking a different color for every detail. Choosing a new base color will have the greatest impact because the cabinetry is usually a major visual feature inside a kitchen. For instance, going from a dark wood or black cabinet setup to white or a light wood will give your kitchen a brand-new look.

Door Design

While the cabinets in general make up a large part of the kitchen, you will find that the doors are what stands out the most. This means that you can work with professionals to create a custom design that you love and that makes your kitchen look unique compared to most other homes.

Vertical Lift

While you can look forward to a different door design than what you already have, you may also want to try out a different way to open the cabinets. Instead of opening the cabinets with a standard knob or handle in which you open it from left to right, you can get a vertical lift. Pulling the cabinets open from the bottom and lifting them overhead is a major change to functionality.


Along with getting a custom design for your cabinets, you should also use this as an opportunity to pick out new hardware. This gives you an excellent opportunity to mesh the hardware with the cabinetry design. If you decide to go with vertical lift cabinets, you will find that knobs are not the best option because of the way that you need to open them. An ideal hardware type to prioritize in this situation is handles because they are the easiest to use with these cabinets.

With these options, you can make major changes with new kitchen cabinets.