3 Trends To Consider When It's Time To Replace Windows

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3 Trends To Consider When It's Time To Replace Windows

16 October 2019
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Windows are important for not only your view, but also your home's appeal and value. Unfortunately, your windows are exposed to numerous elements, including rain, wind, heat, snow, the cold, and overall abuse from basic opening and closing. Therefore, they will not last forever. When it is time to replace your windows, here are a few trends you may want to consider.


When most people think of their window frames, they think of white or of a cream/beige color. While sufficient, these neutral colors do not offer much in terms of style and personality.

Today, more and more people are choosing black window frames. The black color does have many benefits that may surprise you. For example, black adds a modern and contemporary look to your home's interior and exterior. The dark color pops out against white, cream, or even grey siding, adding a great deal of definition and curb appeal to your home.

Black hides dirt, dust, and other residues quite well, too. When compared to white and beige window frames, the black will look cleaner for longer periods of time.

Pass-Through Windows

Pass-through windows are another trend many homeowners are considering. Basically, this design of window is taller and larger, working like a door that allows you to access an outside space with ease.

If you have a screen porch, sunroom, deck, or patio, consider pass-through windows in your living room or kitchen. This will allow you to enjoy your interior and exterior spaces when relaxing with your immediate family or when entertaining large numbers of guests.

Large Fixed Windows

It is important to note that all windows do not have to open. In some styles, the windows are just for the views and natural light. Depending on the style and design of your home, a large fixed window can be a great accent. A large window that is fixed into the home's exterior will provide you with a view while allowing in a good amount of natural light. The window is inoperable, meaning it does not open.

You can choose plain glass for your fixed window or consider glass with designs, such as etching, stained glass, or grids. These larger fixed windows allow you to add a bit of function and personality to your home.

Help is available if you are ready to update or replace your home's windows. With one or more of these window replacement trends, you can improve your home's curb appeal, value, and function. Contact a window replacement company today to learn more.