Kitchen Remodeling Projects For Closed Or Semi-Closed Designs

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Kitchen Remodeling Projects For Closed Or Semi-Closed Designs

11 June 2021
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Today, you hear a lot about kitchens and living spaces with open-concept designs. These designs are not for everyone, and there are several reasons why you may want a closed design when remodeling your kitchen. The following information will help you with an enclosed design for your kitchen remodeling projects:

Using Cabinets to Enclose the Space

The cabinets may be the first features that you want to consider for an enclosed kitchen design. The kitchen doesn't have to be completely closed off but rather separated. Higher ceiling units can be used to create passthrough features and a semi-enclosed kitchen design for your home. If you want to be able to enclose the space completely, folding doors can be installed in walkways, and shutter features can be installed in passthrough openings.

An Open Design with Frameless Glass

Another option to consider for your kitchen design is a frameless glass door design. These designs give you the benefits of an enclosed kitchen with the look of an open-concept floorplan. The frameless glass enclosure will also give you the benefits of keeping the fumes and smells of cooking out of the rest of your home. You can also add curtains to these designs to make them more versatile. If you add curtains, they need to be added to the exterior of the frameless glass.

Chef Kitchen with Trendy Social Space

Often, the reason why you want to have an open-concept kitchen design is for social space. Therefore, you may want to separate the spaces in your kitchen. This can be done by building social spaces like bar seating and counter space separate from the food preparation space. The food preparation space can be a larger chef kitchen that keeps your kitchen's food preparation space separate from other entertaining spaces.

Enclosed Kitchens with Multipurpose Features

If you are remodeling a smaller kitchen, then you may want to add multipurpose features. These features can include organization solutions, fold-down breakfast tables, and hideaway features that are integrated into the cabinet design. Multipurpose features can help give you more space in a smaller kitchen design while leaving it closed off. You can also move features like the pantry out of the main kitchen to give the closed design more space.

The newly enclosed kitchen design can keep the rest of your home clean and cool while cooking. Contact a kitchen remodeling contractor to discuss some of these options for a closed kitchen design.