The Installation Of Granite Countertops

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The Installation Of Granite Countertops

6 July 2021
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Choosing to have granite countertops installed in your home is a long-term investment that will add beauty to your kitchen and increase the value of your residence. Learn the steps associated with a countertop remodeling project and prepare your kitchen for the installation process.

The Preliminary Steps

A remodeling contractor who specializes in granite upgrades will need to conduct an assessment of the area where the new counters will be installed. Granite is a heavy stone that will need to be laid down precisely. Cabinetry that will ultimately support the weight of granite slabs will need to be level.

Granite countertops can be added to existing support cabinets or can be secured to brand-new cabinetry that is in your kitchen. A contractor will provide a cost estimate for the granite products that they offer and will describe what you can expect while an installation is underway. You will need to choose the type of granite product that will be installed and any backsplash pieces that will be included in the upgrade.

If you currently use a cooktop or if granite pieces will be aligned around a sink, the existing countertops will need to be removed and measurements of the cooktop or sink will be taken. Cutouts may need to be made in some of the granite pieces. Upon purchasing granite pieces, notches will be made in the ones that will ultimately contain cutouts. The cutting of the granite will be conducted onsite, on the day of the installation.

The Final Steps

Your contractor will fully prep the kitchen, prior to having granite pieces delivered to your home. During the prep steps, the cooktop or sink will temporarily be removed. Because granite is heavy and bulky, multiple people may need to carry in each piece that is going to be installed in your kitchen. Right before the granite pieces are due to be delivered to your home, move items that are near doorways and near the areas where the granite pieces will be installed.

Slabs will be aligned next to each other, and an epoxy agent will be used to bond the pieces to cabinetry that is under the granite pieces. Epoxy will also be applied to the sides of granite pieces that are being joined together. If cutouts are going to be created onsite, use plastic sheeting to cover surfaces that are near where the cutting will take place. The sheeting will protect surfaces from becoming covered with dust.

For more information about granite countertop installation, contact a local contractor.