Basement Waterproofing Upgrades To Get Your Home Ready For Renovations

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Basement Waterproofing Upgrades To Get Your Home Ready For Renovations

27 July 2021
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The waterproofing of your home is important if you want to be able to protect your home from damage. Before you begin renovating your home, there might be some issues with the basement waterproofing that need to be updated. The following foundation waterproofing upgrades will get your home ready for renovations with a finished basement:

Inspecting for Foundation Structural Damage

The foundation needs to be inspected before you can begin upgrading the waterproofing. Often, there are problems with structural damage, which will not go away just by fixing the waterproofing. Thus, it is important to inspect the foundation for cracks and other structural damage before the waterproofing upgrades begin. When there is structural damage, it is going to need to be repaired too. This can be done by the waterproofing service if it is minor damage that only requires applying a crack filler.

Dealing With Water Issue and Drainage Problems

Sometimes, there are existing issues with water damage that need to be addressed before completing the waterproofing. The problems with drainage often contribute to many of these issues. Therefore, when you are upgrading waterproofing, it is also important to consider different aspects of drainage that also need to be addressed. Improvements to the drainage will reduce strain on the waterproofing system and prevent potential failures.

Updating Exterior Waterproofing With Modern Solutions

The exterior might also need to be updated with waterproofing when preparing for renovations. The exterior waterproofing systems that are used on modern foundations are much more than just a layer of asphalt-based sealants. These are specially designed systems with membranes, insulation, and sealants that reduce static water pressure. They help protect your home from water penetrations and the structural damage that is caused by static water pressure.

Other Waterproofing and Sealing Improvements for the Foundation

There might be other waterproofing and sealing that needs to be done to your property. The issues with foundation damage due to water and moisture can be caused by water getting in from other areas around your home. Consider investing in other waterproofing solutions for your home, such as sealing driveways or applying a waterproof finish for areas like patios or exposed masonry. These improvements can provide your home with further protection against water damage.

If you are ready to start renovations to your home, these are some of the things that you will want to consider for waterproofing upgrades. Contact a basement waterproofing contractor, such as All Dry Basement Systems, to start planning these improvements for your project.