Bathtub Installation Made Easy: One-Day Bathroom Makeover With A New Tub

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Bathtub Installation Made Easy: One-Day Bathroom Makeover With A New Tub

17 August 2021
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If you have an old bathroom and want to give it a makeover, it's always fun to install a bathtub. You are more likely to come up with creative ideas if your bathroom is old or outdated. Since several types of tub installation can be used, it's important to make sure that you choose the best option available. Here is a look at the types of tub installations, options, and how to get them done in a day.

Choosing Your Tub

There is something to consider when remodeling your bathroom with a new tub. First, you need to choose the bathtub. Consider the style of tub you want: do you want it to be modern or have a classic look? Modern tubs give you options like shower combos, spa jets, and other features. If you want a more classic bathroom design, you might want a tub with brass feet and plumbing fixtures for an attractive, luxurious design.

Preparing for the Installation

After deciding on the type of tub you want to have installed, you will need to begin preparing for the installation. You might need to leave the existing bathtub, but remove things like vanities and other fixtures that might be in the way when the contractor comes to do the work. If old materials need to be removed, you want to have them cleaned out of the bathroom area before starting your project.

The Installation

Once you have your bathroom prepared, you will be ready to install the new tub. Today, there are one-day services that can bring the bathtub and completely install it in one day. The installation process will begin with the preparation of the new plumbing, and then the tub will be installed in its place. The final steps are to connect the new plumbing fixtures and caulk any areas with silicon that need to be protected.

Reduce Renovation Costs

The costs of your renovations can also be reduced in other ways. One of the things that can be done is doing most of the preparations to change out your bathtub in a day. You can also do things like replace hardware, updated lighting, and other DIY improvements that are affordable.

The first three steps are deciding the style of tub, picking a contractor, and picking out the location for your new tub. Call a one-day bathtub installation service to get the tub out of the way to complete your bathroom makeover.