4 Benefits Of Professional Kitchen Granite Countertop Installation

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4 Benefits Of Professional Kitchen Granite Countertop Installation

6 October 2021
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When you have finally decided to install granite countertops, you will come across multiple DIY videos online showing you how to complete the job yourself. But, however tempting it is to follow them, kitchen granite countertop installation should be left to experts who have specialized knowledge and tools to get the job done right the first time. Below are four benefits of professional granite counter installation. 

Pros Have the Needed Tools

Granite countertop installation is tough work. It involves measuring, beveling, cutting, polishing, sanding, and sealing, among other activities! The countertops must also be installed in line with your kitchen's appliances, sinks, and ventilation needs. Without proper tools, it's almost impossible to complete a quality installation. 

Professional granite countertop installers have all the tools needed, including power saws, drills, filling tools, belt sanders, and scribing tools. If your installation requires plumbing or electrical knowledge, like when connecting the new countertops to your garbage disposal or dishwasher, you can count on them to have the right tools and the expertise to handle that too. 

Proper Handling

While granite is designed to be a solid and durable countertop material, it's fragile and temperamental in fabrication and transport. Besides, it's heavy to lift, meaning you can easily crack or chip the material if you try to lift it yourself. 

A specialist will carefully measure the right size of granite to be lifted and used. Additionally, granite countertop installers work as a team, making it easy to lift and set the weighty countertop slabs. Thus, there is minimal risk of damage. 

Guaranteed Quality Work

A poorly installed countertop will cost you a lot in repairs and maintenance over the years. Fortunately, professional installers have many years of experience, so they can guarantee quality installations the first time. 

First, they will carry out correct measurements to ensure your countertop is not overhanging. They will also ensure your cabinets are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the granite countertops. And, if they are not, they will utilize different techniques to stabilize the countertops on the cabinets. Finally, they will level your cabinets for smooth, even surfaces.

Saves Time

If you decide to install the granite countertops yourself, the project may take weeks or even months. During this whole time, you may not be using your kitchen, leading to inconveniences. 

Thankfully, the work will be completed within hours when you work with professionals. Since they operate as a team, they are able to carry granite and fabricate it within the shortest time possible. They also do most of the work from their workshop, meaning they will come to your house with items ready for installation. 

If you want new kitchen countertops, talk to contractors in your area.