Tips For A Successful Half-Bath Remodel

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Tips For A Successful Half-Bath Remodel

14 December 2021
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When you start talking with friends about remodeling your bathroom, they may throw around all sorts of wonderful ideas, such as including a glass-enclosed shower or an oversized vanity. These ideas are all well and good, but if you're remodeling a half-bath, they simply aren't much use. Remodeling a small half-bath is a whole other ballgame from remodeling a spacious, full bathroom. Here are some specific tips you can follow when remodeling a half-bath.

Choose a vessel or a pedestal sink.

Setting a sink in a big vanity or countertop takes up a lot of space. So, in a smaller half-bath, you are often better off choosing a vessel sink or pedestal sink. This way, the sink takes up some space on the wall, but there is still lots of floor space underneath it. People can stand closer to the sink, and you can also use that floor space for something like a trash can or a toilet paper holder. There's not usually too much you have to store in a half-bath, so you don't really need a big vanity, anyways.

Include built-in shelving above the toilet.

The wall space above the toilet is often wasted space. If you were to put a big cabinet up there, you might bump your head. But a few small, built-in shelves that only stick out from the wall about 6 or 8 inches work just fine. This will give you a place to store items like extra hand towels or a candle without taking up any extra floor space.

Go with light, solid colors.

If the bathroom already looks small, you want to avoid any design elements that would make it look smaller. Dark colors always make a space feel smaller, so avoid lighter ones. Big, detailed patterns also make a space feel smaller, so opt for either small patterns or solid colors. 

What works well in a lot of half-baths is designing the room with light, neutral-colored tile and materials. Then, add a pop of color with your towels and floor mats. This also allows you to easily change your color scheme over the years without having to remodel again.

Designing and remodeling a small half-bath is not always easy, but there are plenty of ways to make the space functional and attractive. 

To learn more information about getting a bathroom remodel done for your home, reach out to a professional near you.