Remodeling Ideas To Make A Small Kitchen Seem Grand

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Remodeling Ideas To Make A Small Kitchen Seem Grand

7 January 2022
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Small kitchens don't have to look tiny. With the right design elements, it's easy to create the illusion of more space and help your kitchen look less cramped and cluttered. Work with your remodeling contractor to come up with a renovation plan to make your small space look and feel bigger and use the following ideas as inspiration. 

Increased Natural Light

If your kitchen already has a small window above the sink, talk to your contractor about widening the opening and adding a larger window. Natural light flowing through the room can help open up the space, delivering a light, airy look. To minimize the impact this design element has on kitchen storage, consider replacing your regular kitchen cabinets with tall, narrow ones along the wall on either side of the window. The taller design makes use of vertical space and draws the eye up for a grand focal point in the room. You can also add recessed lighting above the window to illuminate the space beautifully at night. 

Monochrome Walls And Cabinets

Choosing cabinets in the same color as your walls creates a seamless look, allowing the cabinetry to blend with the walls and ceiling. Darker wood finishes create a stark color contrast, breaking the lines along the wall and interrupting the flow of the room, while a monochrome color scheme does the opposite. Select a bright white or soft gray finish to brighten the room and pair the paint color with a matching counter for a perfect finishing touch. A white or light gray stone counter can help complete your kitchen renovation. 

Crown Molding

While it may seem like a small design element, adding crown molding to your kitchen remodeling plan can create the illusion of a larger, more upscale space. Add this molding to the top of your cabinet lines to help blend the space between the cabinetry and the ceiling. Molding around your new window adds a finished look to the area above your sink, and matching molding around the perimeter of the ceiling adds extra visual interest to the room. Choose paint with an exact match to your cabinetry for a built-in look. You can also find decorative baseboard molding to give the area near the floor a matching finish. 

Reduced Cabinet Space

While it might seem like more cabinets are better for a small kitchen, eliminating some of the cabinetry can actually help open up the space and create a less cluttered look. Work with your remodeling contractor to tear out cabinets above your stove or in another targeted location, replacing them with open shelving. These shelves can be used as display space or for storing dinnerware and other frequently accessed items. You can also choose to leave the space free from any shelving to create a showcase for a piece of art on the wall. For this idea to work, you may need to downsize some of the items you store in your kitchen, so talk to your remodeling contractor about other options for storage in your home. For example, adding built-in cabinets to the dining room lets you move dinnerware and drinkware to another room, making it easier to eliminate cabinetry in your kitchen. 

Contact a local remodeling contractor to get more kitchen renovation tips.