3 Tips For Choosing A Custom Granite Countertop

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3 Tips For Choosing A Custom Granite Countertop

15 February 2022
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When it comes to counters, granite is popular for many reasons. Granite offers a combination of natural beauty and durability that attracts many homeowners. Granite countertops last a long time and look good even after years of daily wear and tear. There are many granite countertop options to consider, including custom counters. A custom granite countertop allows you to get what you desire in terms of color, pattern, and edge. Here are three tips that will help when selecting a custom granite countertop

Know What You Want 

Since granite is a natural stone, no two slabs are the same. The natural variability of granite also means you have a wide range of colors, vein patterns, and slab sizes to choose from. All of these options can make selecting granite challenging. Narrowing down the colors and patterns you think will work best for your home will make selecting your custom granite counters easier. Bring samples to your home and compare and contrast how a specific type of granite may work with the rest of your home. 

Know How Much You Can Spend 

Knowing how much you want to spend is another thing that will help you select custom granite countertops. Granite is one of the pricier countertop materials, even when you aren't going custom. Granite countertop prices vary depending on the granite variety and the fabrication. Custom granite countertops can range from $95 to $250 per square foot to install. Knowing what you can spend on your countertops is vital, especially if you are also tackling other remodeling projects simultaneously. 

Know Your Timeline

If you are thinking about custom granite countertops, it's important to note that fabrication takes time. The turnaround time for your counters will vary depending on the fabricator and whether the granite you desire is available. Custom granite countertop fabrication can take a few days or weeks. Before committing to a custom granite countertop, make sure you discuss your timeline with your fabricator. You want to make sure that your new counter is ready to install within a reasonable time frame that fits within your overall remodeling timeframe.

If you are looking at custom granite countertops, these three tips can help you make the best selection for your needs. First, knowing what types of granite appeal to you and what styles you like will make finding the right fit easier. Second, custom granite countertops can get pricey, so know how much you can spend. Finally, custom granite countertop fabrication takes time, so know what your timeline will allow before deciding.