4 Signs It May Be Time To Fix A Kitchen's Layout

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4 Signs It May Be Time To Fix A Kitchen's Layout

27 June 2022
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Kitchen layout design doesn't always jump out at people as a critical part of remodeling. However, a kitchen is a key part of the value of a home. Likewise, it is a room every resident of a house uses. A good kitchen design can be a difference-maker so let's look at some signs you might want to focus on the design during a remodel.


One of the simplest reasons to change a kitchen layout design is because the current setup is injuring people. These don't necessarily have to be major injuries. Just getting burned a bit because the oven door isn't in a great spot is enough reason to rethink the cooking space. You might also find the countertop is so small that it's hard to safely use a knife there while dealing with food prep tasks. If you see a lot of injuries in a kitchen, you may want to consider how the design is involved.

Lack of Storage

It is natural to feel like every household's storage needs will expand to the limits of its environment. However, that doesn't mean you should tolerate a lack of storage. If you don't have a big enough pantry, that's an excellent issue to take up with a kitchen design contractor. You can figure out how much you need to store and design a space appropriate for the job.

Homeowners also frequently want more storage in the form of cupboards, shelves, and hooks. If you can't organize all of your pots and pans, for example, it may be time to expand the available storage in your kitchen with a new design.

Elbow Room

A kitchen should be a comfortable place for everyone in your home. If you have to chase folks into the dining room to have enough space to get around, it's time for a new design. The same applies if two people can't work in the kitchen at the same time. You should have room to comfortably prepare food, eat, talk with people, and more. If not, the design may be the problem.

Limited Natural Light

Your kitchen should be an inviting space, and ample natural light is a great way to make it feel warmer. The kitchen design, though, could make it feel more like a cellar. If there aren't a couple of windows that allow natural light into the kitchen over the course of a day, you may want to rethink the design.

If it's time to rethink your kitchen design, talk to a remodeling contractor in your area.