Roofing Services You May Need When You Remodel Your Home

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Roofing Services You May Need When You Remodel Your Home

26 September 2022
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If you've decided to remodel your home to improve its curb appeal, you might be thinking of getting a new roof. A new roof could make your home more attractive and eliminate the worry of a roof leak for a few years. You may want to bring in a roofing contractor and get advice about getting a new home roof considering your remodeling plans. Here are some roofing services you may need.

Perform A Roof Inspection

You should start by determining the condition of your roof. If your roof has several more years of life in it, you may want to postpone your roof replacement so you can free up money for other remodeling projects. However, if your roof is old and in need of being replaced, you'll want to know that so you can budget for the expense and plan on the type of roof to get.

Another thing you may want the roofer to check is the strength of the structure of your roof. If you should decide to switch to a heavy roofing material, such as clay tiles, you might need to add more support to the roof to handle the heavy weight of the tiles, and this will add to your roofing costs.

Help With Choosing Materials

A roofing contractor can help you decide on the best roofing materials for your home, taking cost, durability, appearance, and lifespan into account. If you choose a metal roof, they can show you the colors available and the panel styles you can choose from. If you want a tile roof, the roofer can explain the differences between slate, clay, and concrete so you make the best choice.

If you decide on an asphalt shingle roof, the roofer can show you samples of different colors and help you choose the right grade of shingles for your budget and climate.

Install Your New Roof

One of the most important roofing services you can get is a roof installation. Your roofer can help you decide if repairs are good enough or if you need a new roof. If a new roof is needed, the roofer can draw up a contract explaining all the costs and give you an estimate for when the roof will be completed.

The roofer will also explain all of the parts needed for a new roof, such as the flashing and underlayment so you understand how your roof will be built.

A new roof on your home, along with other upgrades you make when you remodel, can transform the appearance of your house and give the curb appeal of your property a boost.