How To Control Costs On A Kitchen Remodeling Project

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How To Control Costs On A Kitchen Remodeling Project

21 November 2022
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Kitchen remodeling is one of the most intensive types of renovation projects. This often leaves customers worried about how to control the expected costs. With some planning, however, you should be able to keep the remodel's price tag under control.


Before you even make a budget, create a priorities checklist. Itemize your goals based on how essential they are. If the plumbing is outright failing, for example, then the repairs come before installing new cabinets. The checklist will help you further into the project when you start budgeting, talking with contractors, and making tough decisions.

Develop a Budget

A budget is the biggest thing that will control expenses. If you have a clear idea of your projected costs, the kitchen remodeling contractors will be able to target those numbers. Few projects land perfectly on budget, but everyone will be on the same page if you have a budget that targets every aspect of the remodel.

It is also a good idea to line up any necessary financing. When you know what your financing limits are, you'll have an easier time setting a budget. You can go through your priorities checklist and remove items that might be desirable but not entirely necessary, for example. This will tighten the budget and impose order on the costs.

Tackle Multiple Items Now

People are often tempted to go at kitchen remodeling projects piecemeal. While this can make short-term costs look better, it often leads to greater expenses in the long run. Many projects are easier and cheaper when they happen together. If you need to upgrade the plumbing system in a kitchen while also putting in new counters, it's best to have contractors do both while everything is torn out.

Maximize Costs vs. Benefits

Homeowners should be careful to avoid the trap of fixating solely on the bottom line. Whenever possible, you want to maximize costs relative to benefits. If investing in a more efficient lighting system for the kitchen will save you money in the long run, it's worth spending a bit more.

Reuse, Repurpose, or Refinish

Making use of existing features is always a good option for saving money. If you have nice cabinets in a kitchen, for example, it might be wiser to have the contractors refinish them rather than bring in full-on replacements. Similarly, you might get new use out of old wood that you remove from counters and cabinets. You also may be able to move existing shelves into a new pantry, saving on both materials and disposal. Likewise, you can move the savings into other parts of the budget.

For more information, contact kitchen remodeling contractors in your area.