Surviving a Remodeling Project: The Tips You Need

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Surviving a Remodeling Project: The Tips You Need

Remodeling is exciting, but it can also be stressful. This blog aims to take you through the process. I hope to include posts on generating designs ideas for your project, saving up money for your project, and scheduling the project into your busy life. I also plan to talk about DIY remodeling, living around contractors in your home, dealing with kitchens that are out of commission, and every other aspect of remodeling that I think of. Hey, my name is Tristan, and I guess you could say that after flipping five homes I've become almost an expert in remodeling. I also love working on my own home. Thanks for reading my blog.


4 Remodeling Projects That Can Save You Time In The Kitchen

6 October 2020
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When you first bought your home, you may have been more than comfortable with spending a lot of time on cleaning because of all the unfamiliar features around the house. But, after living in the home for several months or years, you may love the idea of saving time on a daily basis. By working with a kitchen remodeling company, you can make some useful changes to the room that will lead to saving time in numerous ways for everyone in your family. Read More …

Choosing The Best Roofing Can Enhance A Home’s Resale Quality

28 August 2020
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Enhancing a home and making it as attractive as possible is a critical part of getting the most money out of selling it. However, some steps are more critical than others and must be done as soon as possible. For example, adding a new roof to a house can make a home worth a lot more money, particularly when the best type of home roofing is chosen by the homeowner. Read More …

3 Things to Know About Vinyl Fencing

9 July 2020
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If you are searching for new fencing for your property, there are plenty of options to consider. The best material for your fencing will depend on your budget and how much effort you want to put into maintaining your new fence. Vinyl fencing systems are a popular option since they combine visual appeal with low maintenance. Vinyl is a durable material that is very easy to maintain. If you are installing a vinyl fence, here are three things that you should know. Read More …

Design An Eclectic Kitchen

14 December 2019
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If yo've been to towns like Sedona, Arizona; Blanco, Texas; and Saltillo, Mexico, maybe you fell in love with the great shops that sell unique decorating items. You might have even bought many items that you would some day use in your own home. If that time has come and you are decorating your kitchen in an eclectic way, you must be very excited about what the end result will be. Read More …

3 Trends To Consider When It’s Time To Replace Windows

16 October 2019
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Windows are important for not only your view, but also your home's appeal and value. Unfortunately, your windows are exposed to numerous elements, including rain, wind, heat, snow, the cold, and overall abuse from basic opening and closing. Therefore, they will not last forever. When it is time to replace your windows, here are a few trends you may want to consider. Black When most people think of their window frames, they think of white or of a cream/beige color. Read More …