Surviving a Remodeling Project: The Tips You Need

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Surviving a Remodeling Project: The Tips You Need

Remodeling is exciting, but it can also be stressful. This blog aims to take you through the process. I hope to include posts on generating designs ideas for your project, saving up money for your project, and scheduling the project into your busy life. I also plan to talk about DIY remodeling, living around contractors in your home, dealing with kitchens that are out of commission, and every other aspect of remodeling that I think of. Hey, my name is Tristan, and I guess you could say that after flipping five homes I've become almost an expert in remodeling. I also love working on my own home. Thanks for reading my blog.


How To Control Costs On A Kitchen Remodeling Project

21 November 2022
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Kitchen remodeling is one of the most intensive types of renovation projects. This often leaves customers worried about how to control the expected costs. With some planning, however, you should be able to keep the remodel's price tag under control. Prioritize Before you even make a budget, create a priorities checklist. Itemize your goals based on how essential they are. If the plumbing is outright failing, for example, then the repairs come before installing new cabinets. Read More …

Tips For Replacing Your Cabinets

1 November 2022
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So you're ready to remodel your kitchen! That's an exciting event to prepare for, but it's also a big event. Do you know how to plan for it and what to expect? You might have questions about the process if you've never gone through it, which is normal for handling a major project for the first time. Here is a guide to help you learn four vital tips to help you with your project. Read More …

Bathroom Remodel: Why You Should Leave Your Bathtub Upgrade To Bathroom Remodelers

12 October 2022
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Some home projects should be left in the hands of professionals since they are just too risky to be handled by non-professionals. One of these home improvement projects is a bathtub upgrade. Replacing your bathtub can be tricky; if you don't have the physical strength to uninstall the old fixture and install the new one, you could easily damage your bathroom beyond repair. Not to mention that the weight of the fixture can hurt your fingers or feet when you're trying to lift it. Read More …

Roofing Services You May Need When You Remodel Your Home

26 September 2022
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If you've decided to remodel your home to improve its curb appeal, you might be thinking of getting a new roof. A new roof could make your home more attractive and eliminate the worry of a roof leak for a few years. You may want to bring in a roofing contractor and get advice about getting a new home roof considering your remodeling plans. Here are some roofing services you may need. Read More …

Want To Remodel Your Bathroom? Consider These Aspects First

11 August 2022
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The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in your home. As such, it needs to provide a safe, comfortable and uplifting experience to your family and guests. But if your bathroom has old fixtures or it's not meeting your needs, you should consider renovating it. Bathroom remodeling will allow you to upgrade the old or non-functional fixtures and incorporate new fixtures or d├ęcor ideas you have been thinking about. Read More …